hellohuman00: three early life stories

May 22, 2022 tokyoterri Season 1 Episode 0
hellohuman00: three early life stories
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(originally published 7/13/20)
three early life stories

welcome to hello human.

I'm Terri, also known as tokyoterri. I'm a native New Yorker living in Japan for a very long time. I say that I've lived approximately a thousand lives; I raised and nurtured lives instead of children. And that's more than fine with me. 

Here are three early ones. 
One: tiny child scaring my mother with my curiosity about the mangled mouse corpse on the gray patio of our tiny house. My cat Bingo probably did the deed.

Two: Running away with Danny of the massive Afro living in a rider truck for three days till my common sense sent me drooping home to my distraught parents and my cool jazz uncle Leon.

Three: Playing entirely inept group hooky refusing another drop of that celebrated wretchedly, nasty long Island ice tea. Then taking a bus to a verdant park, making out with Fausto the fascinating against a scratchy tree trunk. 

Now, church is woven in and out of these early lives. Earnest gray basement with that odor of wet cement and florid confessions; long heated discussions and daddy's study. I snuck down the rickety steps to eavesdrop.
sometimes with his rabbi friends
sometimes with neighborhood teens
sometimes the family

my daddy never told tales, but the stress led to him getting irritated and doing what we in the family called singing in soprano. 

I loved them. 
I miss them. 

Crawdaddy evenings at my cousin's trailer with more kids and their stories, which aren't mine to tell. 

So in hello, human I'll interview awesome folks whose art I love and cook up motivation for you, especially if you're a late blooming artist like me.

Expect it to be published on Tokyo Mondays, which is Sundays in many places, and Tuesdays in others. 

Thank you. 


Stay well.

who am I?
story: Bingo, Mama and the mouse
running away with Danny
group hooky with long island ice tea
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